Holby CEO Henrik Hanssen’s day begins with a phone call from his native Sweden – Nils, the man who raised Hanssen’s son Fredrik, has died. Hanssen refuses to go to the funeral, but Jac reckons he should be with his grieving son.

Something has clearly been troubling Hanssen for weeks and his anxiety worsens when a former psychiatrist, Jerry Clark (Hollyoaks’ Silas, Jeff Rawle), is admitted. Jerry suggests Hanssen’s showing signs of depression but, when he tries to ‘analyse’ him, the usually composed Hanssen verbally lashes out!

Later, after Jerry urges Hanssen to confront whatever might be triggering the symptoms of his illness, Hanssen announces he’s taking extended leave – he is going to Sweden. But will he return to Holby?

Unsure of what he has with Jasmine, Ollie makes it clear he still cares about Zosia when Alex Lambert – the patient who outed her as the ‘bipolar doctor’ – returns to Darwin. It seems Zosia has forgiven Alex – but protective Ollie doesn’t want Alex anywhere near her, so lies to him that they are ‘reconciling’. When Zosia finds out, how will she take the revelation?

Still missing Bernie, Serena’s day gets worse when a familiar face turns up on AAU – it’s Imelda Cousins, who’s conducting a review. When it turns out Imelda’s hiding a secret, will Serena find the courage to contact Bernie?