My god, looks who’s back! It’s Bernice… Gabby’s mum, Ashley’s ex, Nicola’s sister and Diane and Rodney’s daughter. Shocks all round then. And are any of them pleased to see her? Well, Diane’s stunned (and wondering where she’ll go on her holidays if Bernice has left Brighton…), but sympathetic when Bernice wails that her marriage is on the rocks. Ashley’s shocked and wants to know when she’s leaving. And Nicola’s plain unimpressed. Diane’s unimpressed, too, later, when Bernice sails into the bar all smiles. That girl’s up to something…

Paddy’s not impressed by Brett the vet, who turns up late for his interview as Paddy’s replacement (only while Paddy’s suspended for all that silly business with Marlon over Leo, that ended with Paddy hitting a police officer). Rhona, on the other hand, is impressed after Brett helps her out with a case and offers Brett the job, telling him he can start immediately. Paddy’s jealous – and that’s not a good look on a bloke who’s already whiny.

Jimmy’s another bloke who’s done a lot of whining lately – and that’s a lot for someone who’s a born whinger. He’ll probably be doing a lot more whining, too, after he agrees to go into business with Charity 50/50… Charity’s determined to come out on top.