Libby is shocked to see Sam back in town, and goes to see Toadie. When Toadie explains why Sam is there, Libby thinks she is doing it to get back at them all.

Rebecca is putting on a Melbourne Cup party at Charlie’s and Toadie and Summer persuade Steph to go with them. At Lassiters, Andrew asks Declan why they aren’t doing anything for Melbourne Cup Day, and that he has an idea to hold a BBQ that finishes just before Rebecca’s party so all the party-goers go on to Charlie’s after.

Declan gives it the go ahead, and when Rebecca sees Andrew handing out flyers she is impressed with his idea. Sensing things aren’t right between Paul and Rebecca, Andrew tells her it was Paul’s idea in order to win Paul some brownie points, not realising it will have the opposite effect.

When Libby finds Sam talking to her parents, she believes she is up to something and tells Toadie she wants to make her statement and support Steph. However, in her desperation to protect Steph, Libby withholds vital information about the afternoon of the accident.

When Karl and Susan find out Libby told Toadie that Steph was ok to drive the day she killed Ringo, they tell her she can’t lie.

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