Ric’s unimpressed when Jasmine arrives at work hungover – but she hopes to redeem herself by helping look after Sol, a man who’s been injured at work. When Sol’s condition worsens, however, and Jasmine tries to deal with the situation on her own, Ric is furious with her for not calling him – and their confrontation is witnessed by new hospital board chairman, Tristan Wood.

Tristan asks Jasmine how she’s finding it on Keller and the young doctor admits she finds Ric intimidating. Later, Ric’s stunned when Hanssen reveals there’s been a complaint made against him and that the board intends to suspend him while they investigate. As Jasmine sees Ric leave with his belongings, she’s racked with guilt. Has she ruined his career?

Meanwhile, Zosia refuses to emotionally engage when terminally ill patient Michael Malone returns to Darwin, as he reminds her of Arthur. Feeling guilty that she wasn’t there for her friend in death, Zosia’s by Michael’s side as his condition deteriorates. Is Zosia finally able to move on?

Also, when a charismatic female patient comes in, Raf questions his work-life balance.