Joey and Lauren are angry when Max tells Joey to move out because Derek’s not happy about him living there. Although Joey and Lauren confront Derek it does no good as Derek has promised Max the cash he needs to pay his mysterious contacts, but only if Joey leaves.

Joey is amused when he finds out that keen artist Lauren has done loads of portraits of him. Unable to resist each other any longer they passionately kiss. Meanwhile, Max gets the money he needs after arranging a deal on a car with Phil and Billy. He tells Derek he’s got the cash – so Joey is staying.

Phil learns that Alexa has dropped the assault charges against Lola. Concerned that Lexi might get Lola back, Phil arranges for Billy to go to Southend and offers to let Lola move in temporarily. Phil looks forward to having full responsibility for Lexi. Phil and Lola are upset to learn that Lexi will stay in foster care until the neglect case is concluded.

Also, Tanya is up all night trying to track down her sister, Ava Hartman, on the internet. She tells Patrick she knows where Ava works and has arranged an appointment to see her.