Alf tells Justin that there’s been a shooting in a club where Phoebe’s performing. Justin rings Pheobe to make sure she’s OK and the pair have a catch up; however, Justin’s left devastated when Phoebe admits that she’s met someone else. Now that things are well and truly over for Pheobe and Justin, will Justin make a move on Scarlett?

Meanwhile, Brody has accepted Lena’s offer to sneak away from rehab. The pair manages to get away without being seen. As the pair celebrates their getaway, Brody’s left stunned when Lena shows him her secret cocaine stash. Will Brody be tempted by Lena’s offer?

Also, Olivia is planning a romantic lunch for her and Hunter, but then decides to invite Ziggy along. Hunter panics and invites VJ too! When Olivia finds out, she starts to worry that the pair may like each other and hurt Coco in the process. As the four head out to dinner, it doesn’t take long for Ziggy and VJ get chatting. Will they be more than just friends?