Justin has caught Brody and Ziggy emerging from the bedroom and is furious. He can’t believe his brother has been lying, risking his sobriety and seeing Ziggy behind everyone’s backs. Though he tells Brody he won’t stand in their way, Justin warns the pair the truth will soon get out. They had better tell Ziggy’s parents Ben and Maggie before someone else does.

Coco cringes when VJ comes round to hers to pick her up. But things get worse for the self-conscious schoolgirl. At the Diner, Marilyn picks up on the fact that she and Raffy still aren’t talking, and Raffy then asks her why she’s friends with school bully Jennifer.

Down on the beach, VJ’s giving Coco, who’s bulimic, a surf lesson. She passes out momentarily before coming round to find VJ and Jennifer looking after her. Embarrassed, Coco goes on a run in the punishing sun. Dashing up a flight of stairs, the teen faints… Will anyone find her collapsed in the dangerous heat?