Karen is beside herself over what to do to help Bernadette, who is inconsolable over losing the baby. Confiding in Shirley, Karen is grateful when Shirley makes a good suggestion. She resolves to take the family to the allotments so they can pay tribute to her dead grandchild.

Bernadette, however, has already arranged to meet Callum in their special place at the allotments. When Karen and Keegan see him waiting for Bernadette they guess that he’s the baby’s father. Keegan is struggling with the whole situation but Karen reassures him that it’s not his fault. Meanwhile, Riley and Chatham return home.

Fi arranges a champagne reception at The Vic as a way for Grafton Hill to show they care about the community in the wake of the tragedy. Whitney, however, is sure that Fi is up to no good. Later, Fi makes a suspicious phone call…

Also, Tom’s annoyed when Michelle won’t arrange a date.