With doubts in his mind over his role at Lassiters, Declan struggles to stay focused. When he’s presented with his new, and very flash, company car, Declan doesn’t look overly pleased and when Kate sees him in it, he knows she isn’t impressed. His doubts are strengthened when he sees Andrew telling his dad he has a great business idea, and a disinterested Paul, brushing him aside.

Declan decides he has to quit his job and tells Kate his news. However, it’s clear there has been a misunderstanding when Declan tells her he loves her and wants to be with her. Rejected by Kate, Declan throws himself back into his job, more than ever.

Natasha is determined to use the School Social to get closer to Andrew and when he tells her about his idea for an entertainment company she tells him he has his first gig! With Andrew on board, Natasha needs the support of the Social Committee to make it happen.

As Callum and Sophie face off in the election, Natasha backs Callum, certain he’ll be the easiest to manipulate. Her hopes are dashed when Sophie is elected and refuses to comply with her idea to hire Andrew – she wants Zeke to be put in charge. Desperate for Andrew to do the Social, Natasha needs to make Sophie bend to her will.

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