Is that Declan’s marriage disappearing in a cloud of dust? Could be… Because that cloud of dust is where Katie has fallen down a disused mine shaft! Declan’s still stung by the way Katie lied to him about Robbie and she hears him talking things through with Nikhil. Feeling hurt and betrayed Katie argues with Declan. Fed up and wanting to get away, Declan roars off on his quad bike. Katie fires up her own quad and roars after him. All very dramatic, but then Declan runs out of petrol and can’t roar any more. Which means Katie catches him and they exchange more angry words. This time Katie roars off – and straight into the mineshaft!

Back in the village, Bernice is creating her own little drama. She’s making a fuss of Gabby, which worries Laurel and Ashley… Laurel’s relationship with the little girl is already fragile because she moved in with Marlon, and Ashley just doesn’t want Bernice making promises to Gabby that she won’t keep.

Paddy’s hoping to create a bit of drama when he lets Brett the vet use his canoe. He’s hoping Brett will have the same misadventure he had. Bad Paddy!

*Second episode*

Declan races to Katie’s rescue but he can’t reach her. He throws her the shirt off his back as a lifeline, but Katie loses her grip and falls further into the hole. Partly buried, Katie begs Declan to stay with her. If he had his phone, he could call for help, but he’s left it at home. Then Katie’s phone rings. It’s Nicola, wondering where they are. But her phone falls deeper into the shaft as Katie reaches for it. Declan’s torn… Katie’s scared and hurt and wants him to stay with her, but he can’t do anything. So he runs for help, ignoring Katie’s screams…

Gabby runs to Laurel when Bernice argues with Diane. It turns out Bernice’s marriage ended because she’s having an affair with a rich man and Diane thinks she’s a fool. That’s putting it kindly! Ashley’s not so kind when he talks to Bernice and she ends up in tears. Oh dear, and she has no one to dry them.

Edna’s all smiles (for a change) when Brett the vet gives her advice on Tootsie. Well, if he can win Edna over then Paddy really should be worried!