Angry Kevin tells Tyrone, Luke and Freddie that someone accessed his email and rearranged the delivery. In a bid to prove their innocence, Freddie, Luke and Tyrone install a CCTV system at the garage, complete with sound. As Phelan heads to the garage, Todd warns him to stop flashing his cash around or people will realise he was behind the building scam. When Phelan finds out from Luke how Kevin has just installed CCTV, he’s quietly concerned…

As Steve, Michelle and Liz arrive back from the hospital, Leanne and Nick watch, devastated for them. Leanne’s awash with guilt, knowing she’s carrying a healthy baby – and it is Steve’s.

Egged on by Todd and Nathan, Bethany tells Sarah she’s going to stick with her A levels, study beauty therapy in the evening and wants her to make up with Gary.

Ken offers to help Daniel with his MA application while Adam’s scathing about his choice of subjects. Meanwhile, Sinead shows Beth a diagram outlining her marketing ideas for the kebab.


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