Kevin is worried and desperately needs a way to convince Molly not to reveal their secret. Molly wants to come clean to Tyrone, but his mind is elsewhere as he plans to scatter Jack and Vera’s ashes. Meanwhile, Kevin tries once more to convince her that her dreams of playing happy families with him and baby Jack are never going to happen.

It’s John‘s birthday, but he didn’t bank on having such a stressful day. Charlotte calls him in a distressed state and he has to concoct a cover story to tell Fiz in order to go see her. Meanwhile, Fiz has other things on his mind, she is still stressed about the mystery stalker and the day goes from bad to worse when Colin Fishwick’s elderly mother turns up at the house looking for her son.

Peter secretly accompanies Carla to her drink drive hearing to offer some support. But he’s left unimpressed when she takes her humiliation out in him after the verdict is delivered.

Also, Nick and Leanne live dangerously. Unable to keep their hands off each other they are almost caught at it by Ciaran at The Joinery.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Joy Fishwick’s appearance has sent John into a tailspin. She tells him that she is ill and just wants to see her son again in case anything happens to her. Fiz tries to tell Joy about Colin’s job, but she has discovered that Colin left his bedsit and has not been seen since he was attacked at work a few weeks ago. When they’re alone, Fiz tells John that she thinks she should tell the police that she knows who Colin’s attacker was.

Kevin is in a foul mood and Sally is at a loss as to why. The only thing to do is meet Molly and urge her not to make any rash decisions. But she warns him that she can’t continue to hide her feelings from Tyrone, especially as he is going through such a hard time.

Leanne continues to confide in Carla about her clandestine relationship with Nick. Carla is secretly pleased to be in the know, especially as her feelings for Peter are growing. She decides to carry on meddling in Peter and Carla’s relationship.

Also, Graeme has ambitious plans to buy the butchers from Claire and Ashley when they move to France.

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