Robbie evicts Donna from her pitch when she doesn’t pay up in time, infuriating the other traders. When Robbie arranges for a new trader, Felix, to take Donna’s place, Martin and Kush decide enough is enough and set out to punish him!

Abi is frustrated when Steven turns her down yet again. Revealing what he overheard Lauren saying on Friday, Steven insists he needs to focus on his relationship. Meanwhile, Lauren meets up with Josh to talk about things and admits that she doesn’t love Steven any more – it’s over.

Denise quits as a Pearl’s nanny after her council job is confirmed. Kim is miffed, but she cheers up when Denise says she and Kush are now able to join Kim and Vincent on holiday.

Also, Karen is frustrated when Bernadette refuses to tell her who the father of her baby is.