*First episode*

When Chrissie finds out her troubled son Lachlan hasn’t turned up for school, she’s worried and sends her sister out to look for him. But when Rebecca tracks down her nephew, she goes behind her elder sister’s back, urging the teen to go to the police and admit he shot Lawrence!

Hoping her words have had an effect, Rebecca then tells Chrissie she wasn’t able to find Lachlan, and is quietly delighted when the police arrive at Home Farm!

At a fancy restaurant, Frank’s chuffed with himself as he treats Megan to a meal. But his date comes crashing down around him when a waiter, Bobby, not only recognises him – but corners him in the loo…

Elsewhere, Kerry comes up with a juicy figure that should stop her taking the Sharmas to court. Paddy gives narked Pierce advice on how to help Rhona manage her pain.