Since Arthur watched the video recording of Emma’s incriminating conversation with his late dad Ashley, the little boy has been in bits. He’s told Emma about it – and she’s been on the case trying to wriggle out of the situation, which could expose her killer secret about her having pushed James to his death, with Ashley as witness. But the stressful atmosphere which has sprung up as a result is causing problems for Arthur and Emma – and Laurel has picked up on it and now wants to know what is going on.

When she confronts Emma, will the killer come up with a good excuse for it all?

The cat’s out of the bag for Harriet and her lover Cain… and the members of the church choir are loving it. Cain bristles as he becomes the butt of their jokes.

Faith’s worried about Pollard, who isn’t impressed when she gives him a rape alarm to protect himself.