Lauren prepares herself to finish with Steven, but she can’t find the right moment. Frustrated, she instead confides in Max. Abi, meanwhile, visits Steven in the restaurant and tries to push him into choosing her over Lauren. Annoyed when Steven continues to insist that he loves her, Abi later finds out that she is planning to dump Steven. Abi steps in, prompting Lauren to decide to take Louie back to New Zealand.

Travis offers an olive branch to Louise after some prompting from Bex and Shakil, apologising for not giving her the benefit of the doubt. When Bex and Shakil leave, Alexandra overhears Bex talking about her. Riled, she tells Madison that Bex will get what’s coming to her…

Mick is torn between hiring Patrick or Ted as the new pot man for the pub. Meanwhile, Denise is horrified when Carmel thinks she’s been invited on the group holiday, too, and tries to make her see that she’s not!