Lee Carter is in no mood for celebrating on his birthday, finding an excuse to make a quick exit from his family. When Shirley finds him looking down, Lee confesses that he’s worried about letting down Whitney. After being given a boost by Shirley, Lee gets into the spirit with his birthday drinks and tells Jack that they no longer want the flat.

The only trouble is, Whitney is set on moving in, forcing a guilty Lee to take desperate measures to get the money for the deposit. Has he landed himself in trouble?

Masood gets ready to leave the Square, but Denise isn’t going to let him go without a fight. Determined to convince Masood to stay, Denise puts her plan in motion. When it backfires, the friends end up arguing. Can Denise make things right with Masood before he goes?

Also, Roxy agrees to pick up Amy and Ricky from school.