Woody is concerned about Linda when he notices that she’s in pain. Gently encouraging her to tell Mick the truth about her cancer secret, Woody lets it lie when Linda refuses. Linda insists that things are only just starting to get back on track and she doesn’t want to derail them. But she can’t brush off the fact that she had similar symptoms when she first had cancer. Has it returned?

Carmel is feeling guilty about what happened to Stacey and lets her spend time with Lily and Arthur. In a bid to make herself feel better, she apologises to Stacey for the way that things have been between them. But she doesn’t tell Stacey that she was the one who called social services on her. Later, when Carmel takes the kids back home, Kush confronts his mum… He knows it was her!

Sharon is frustrated when they continue to get anonymous calls at the Mitchell house. Tackling Michelle, Sharon insists that she does something about it, as it’s clearly Tom. When Sharon suggests Michelle go to the police, what will Michelle say?

Also, Joyce makes a confession to Ted…