There is a strange atmosphere at John and Marilyn’s house as they are both trying to avoid the topic of having a baby. Needing a shoulder to lean on, John turns to Roo and Irene, but when Alf overhears the conversation, he suggests that John babysits Luc for a week. When Marilyn returns home, she’s shocked to find Luc in John’s arms. Will Luc make Marilyn reconsider her position?

Meanwhile, things are getting heated between Justin and Scarlett when he accidentally calls her ‘Phoebe’. Realising he’s killed the mood, Justin falls asleep on her bed. The next morning, he tries to sneak off, as he can’t remember a thing. Later, at The Diner, Scarlett finds out who Phoebe is and that she has a new boyfriend. She confronts Justin and tells him he called her Phoebe. Will these two sort out their issues and be more than friends?

Also, Ben and Maggie are worried as they are trying to reach Ziggy, but she refuses to pick up. The next morning, Ziggy comes home and is determined to get a job. She fixes up her CV and hands them out across Summer Bay. Meanwhile, Maggie confides in Leah about the strained relationship she has with her eldest daughter. Ziggy returns home and is over the moon when a Summer Bay resident offers her a job! Then, Ben has a chat with his daughter in the hope that she’ll make more of an effort with Maggie. Will Ben’s words make a difference?