Megan found out after she slept with him that she had been conned by conman Frank. The trouble is, Frank is a very charming rogue and Megan finds it hard to resist him, melting as he spoonfeeds her compliments. Megan needs a reality check from Frank’s much-neglected daughters, Vanessa and Tracy. Is she about to fall for a wrong ‘un again?

Rhona wants rid of the wrong’un she married: Paddy, especially after her new man, Pierce, tells her Paddy trashed the house while they were on holiday. He did, too, but only in a moment of madness.

Paddy tells Rhona it was something he had to do to move on. But will she understand?

Jai wants his family to understand that he’s struggling with his addiction and turns to Priya. But what if he also turns to drugs again?