Freddie finds himself railroaded into playing poker with Phelan and Vinny. Unwilling to watch Pat Phelan fleece Freddie, Michael joins the poker school. But will he make a dangerous new enemy?

Bethany lays out a romantic meal for her and Gary, but her plan goes awry when Sarah heads over to Nick’s flat and sees the table set for two. Will she realise Bethany is after her man?

The police arrive at Maria’s flat so Aidan shoves the bloody scissors in his pocket and disposes of them in the factory bin. Later, Aidan and Maria tell a shocked Eva about the scissors. Worried for Maria’s safety, Eva insists Aidan should stay with her. Has Eva just pushed her boyfriend into the arms of Maria again?

Kevin tells Anna he loves her. Luke tries to buy Tracy a drink by way of an apology but Robert warns him that she’s a headcase. Sonia moves out of the shop flat and she spots Yasmeen across the street. Sonia heads over to apologise, but insists that Sharif hurt her, too. Incensed, Yasmeen slaps her.