A devastated Steve and Michelle say their goodbyes to Ruairi. Steve confides in Liz that he blames himself for Ruairi’s death as he reckons it’s punishment for his behaviour.

Phelan counts his cash and, telling Andy it would be shame if anything awful were to happen to Steph, promises he’ll be in touch when he needs more money. At Fiz and Anna’s insistence, Kevin and Tyrone bury the hatchet over a beer, but Kevin’s perplexed when he gets a call enquiring if he’s happy with his new truck. Is Andy about to be rumbled?

Nathan asks Bethany if she’d deliver some salon fliers for him in return for a free spray tan. Impressed with her distribution skills, Nathan gives her another batch of fliers and promises her several free tanning sessions.

Dev asks Chesney and Gemma to come up with ways to increase profits as he needs to cut costs. With other things on his mind, will Chesney remember he has a lunch date with Sinead?

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