After some miscommunication, Mishti and Aaron finally celebrate their new business! While signing on the dotted line for The Shed is cause to crack open the champagne, will their new venture go smoothly?

Sonya returns to the nursery with Toadie to see that storm has caused havoc and knocked over the bins. Toadie is ready to come to the rescue and tidy up, but Sonya stops him and reminds him that they are separated. Later, she returns to the nursery and sees that the mess has been cleaned up and Toadie makes its clear he had nothing to do with the cleaning up. Then Sonya returns home to find out the bins have been brought in – she assumes it’s Steph, trying to be helpful. However, Steph says it wasn’t her.

Who is Sonya’s mystery little helper?

Terese is nervous as she has an entire day of hospital appointments, but refuses to tell Gary the truth. Paul comes looking for Terese in the office, but her assistant says she has appointments all day. Will Paul suspect something is wrong?

Finally Leo and David are still at odds over Mannix. When Mannix is removed from the BackPackers, Paul assures Leo that Mannix is out of their lives and Leo tells David the news. David isn’t so sure and is furious that Leo has compromised Mannix’s health and his career.