*Second episode*

At Home Farm, where Ronnie has locked Lawrence in to stop him from trying to take the blame for his grandson’s crime at Lachlan’s trial, the situation spirals out of control. Ronnie suspects Lawrence has had a heart attack and thinks he’s fallen against the door of the locked room. Using all his might, will panicked Ronnie be able to prise open the door? And if Lawrence fails to get to court, what will become of Lachlan?

Finn has got a date lined up with Nathan, unaware he’s a male escort. At the bar, Finn is with Nathan when he sees Kasim, hoping his ex will be jealous. Later, Tracy worries when Finn says he’s seeing Nathan again.

Jealous Pierce reacts badly when he sees Rhona has bought a ticket to the upcoming hunk night at the Woolpack. Elsewhere, Charity twigs that all is not going well for Lisa and Zak.