The Morgans are celebrating Justin’s decision to move to America with Phoebe. As the family gather together to make new memories, Raffy’s upset about Justin’s impending departure. Justin addresses Raffy’s emotions and she explains that she doesn’t want to lose him and that she’s worried about Brody. Can Raffy convince Justin that Brody needs help with his drug addiction?

Brody is under pressure from his dealer, Zannis. Zannis demands that Brody pays $500 he owes or he won’t be sold any more drugs and there will be serious consequences. Desperate for his next fix, Brody goes to extreme lengths to find the money he owes.

Marilyn is thrilled to hear about Roo’s pregnancy and promises to help as much as possible, as James isn’t interested in their baby. However, is Marilyn using Roo’s pregnancy as distraction from her own personal problems?