Nana McQueen is back. Hurray! However it’s not long before she starts to get very concerned about the state of Cleo. The young McQueen is looking decidedly off- colour and Nana and Myra start to worry what she could be back on the heroin.

When they raise their concerns, the pair are shell-shocked when Cleo is forced to reveal it’s not drugs that are making her ill, it’s morning sickness!

Meanwhile Ste returns to the village and is horrified when he learns the police are planning to exhume Amy’s body and that Ryan has given his consent. Later Tony overhears an argument between Harry and Ste and is convinced Ste was Amy’s true killer however just as he’s about to call the police, he’s stopped in his tracks when Harry confesses that it wasn’t Ste, who killed Amy, it was him! What will Tony do now?