Neil tells Bethany to lie to Sarah and pretend she enjoyed the parties and the sex. Having clocked Neil leaving No.8, Craig spots Bethany through the window, clearly upset. Craig calls to see Bethany and quizzes her about Neil’s visit. Will she come clean?

Dev tells Erica he’s booked an afternoon of luxury for them both followed by dinner at her favourite restaurant. Flustered, Erica tells him she can’t make it as she’s meeting an old friend. As Erica sips champagne in the hotel bar, will Kevin turn up?

Johnny calls on Aidan and Eva. Hugging Aidan he tells him that he’ll be a better dad than he ever was. Eva listens guiltily.

When Steve tells Liz that he’s booked her on various courses, she reveals that she’s already secured herself a new job as receptionist at the medical centre. Mary confronts Norris with the letter…0