While David, Bethany, Gail, Audrey, Gemma and Max mark the anniversary of Kylie’s death with a picnic in the garden, David’s horrified to see Billy helping Shona into No.11. He returns home clearly furious and announces the party’s over. When Sarah explains how she’s doing everything she can to nail Nathan and Shona can help them, Bethany is furious.

Meanwhile, covering his shock, Neil tells Craig a pack of lies.

Joe tells Gary he’s running his own private security firm in the Ukraine, and he should consider coming to work for him. How will Gary react?

Fearing that Erica is about to dump him, Dev suggests she should spend time with her mates. Erica can only smile weakly. Determined to put some distance between her and Dev, Erica approaches Robert for a job in the bistro.

When Aidan reveals he’s buying the kebab shop flat, Eva goes ballistic, pointing out she wanted a house with a garden in Didsbury.