With Lachlan down at the police station being questioned about shooting Lawrence – a crime which Andy Sugden has already been charged for having been framed by the Whites – his worried mum Chrissie is in turmoil.

Her little sister is loving the drama. Having played a significant part in guilty Lachlan’s appearance in front of the detectives, Rebecca rolls out the next part of her plan to get Chrissie away from Home Farm by encouraging her sister to save Lachlan! But when Rebecca urges her conflicted sister to call the police, will Chrissie do it?

Elsewhere, Marlon’s taken aback when Liv tells him Paddy’s still in love with Rhona. But when the chef later discusses the issue with Bob, he has no idea Rhona’s current (and very jealous) boyfriend Pierce is listening in! The lawyer’s paranoia about the exes increases, yet again, when Rhona receives another bunch of flowers from her admirer. But are they from Paddy?

Already on high-alert when it comes to ex-con Frank, who’s trying as hard as he can to woo her, Megan is not impressed when he starts sneaking about and making excuses. Has Frank blown it with the single mum before their romance has really begun?