This sixth instalment of the sci-fi horror franchise starring Milla Jovovich more or less lives up to its title by tying up all the various plot strands.

It is 10 years after the deadly T-virus turned most of humanity into zombies and Jovovich’s amnesiac warrior Alice is in a final race against time to foil the schemes of the evil Umbrella Corporation. She might also discover her true identity…

After so many movies, there’s little here in the way of monster slaying or gauntlet running that fans of the series won’t have seen before.

However, with the zombie hordes snapping at Alice’s heels – literally so in one sequence – writer-director Paul WS Anderson (Jovovich’s real-life husband) seizes the opportunity to showcase the acrobatic agility of his impressive star.

A reboot of the franchise is apparently already in the works, minus Jovovich.

This film premieres on Sat 7 October at 8.00pm.