At Smithy, Rhona’s trying to keep herself busy to avoid dark thoughts about where her life has got to since Pierce raped her on their wedding day. Paddy and Marlon, her exes, are proving to be marvellous support for the troubled vet, who reels when the police inform her that Pierce is planning to use the sex tape he coerced her into making as evidence against her in court.

It’s crunch time for Robron as their problems come to a head. Will Aaron and Robert split up as the pressure of Rebecca’s pregnancy and Aaron’s issues weigh heavy on their relationship?

At Butler’s, Moira encourages Debbie, her former daughter-in-law, to go easy on Cain’s new lover Harriet.

Lachlan swallows his pride and re-hires Finn, who he sacked in a fit of pique.