*Second episode*

In the cafe, an already desperately awkward interlude with Rhona, her jealous boyfriend Pierce and her ex-husband Paddy gets worse when their waitress Liv knocks a bowl of custard in the vet’s lap! Liv is totally humiliated and stung when Rhona’s men wade in and have a go at her about it.

When Liv teases Paddy about wanting to impress Rhona, she realises she’s hit a nerve… Later, Pierce jumps to conclusions when Rhona receives a bunch of flowers, signed by ‘P’ which certainly weren’t sent by him!

At the police station, Lachlan’s being questioned. He’s determined to admit to shooting at Lawrence, but reckons he can make it sound like an accident. Meanwhile, at Home Farm, Chrissie is in turmoil wondering whether to step in. But before the mum can make a move, she gets a call about her son’s fate…

Fed up with Kerry, Bernice fires her from the salon.