When young Leah gets a part in a television advert, Ste and Amy go along for support but when Ryan arrives, things take a turn for the worse as Leah reveals that it was Ste who picked her and Lucas up from school without permission, not Harry. Amy’s got the rage after the revelation but, while the adults are arguing, Leah goes missing.

Leah later returns but Ste and Ryan end up in a heated row and square up to each other – will Ste keep his cool? Later, the police arrive at the door with a beaten up Ryan but Ste can’t remember a thing.

Meanwhile, Jude bumps into Tom and Tony in the village and is given the cold shoulder by her half-brother. She then sees Jack Osborne and lashes out about his past relationship with her sister Dawn. Liam starts to understand why someone would want to kill Jack when he hears Jude’s outburst. Eva, however, decides not to go through with killing him when she notices Jack’s relationship with Jade.

Also, after confiding in Warren about having no friends, Nico decides to kill with kindness and encourages Tom to make amends with Jude.