As Ste opens up to Amy and Ryan about his blackouts, Harry pushes Ste to go to hospital for a scan and Ste finds out he has brain damage from his drug taking. Amy tells Ste that they’re going for full custody of Leah and Lucas.

Meanwhile, Cameron and Leela confront Courtney about some Lockie posters she’s put up and she’s forced to remove them when Cameron tells her Leela has high blood pressure and needs to be kept calm. Later, the police arrive with news about Lockie’s body…

Cindy’s sacked from Nightingale’s but she’s confident she can team up with sister Jude – so she’s upset when Jude thinks her suggestion of being business partners is a joke! Dirk is suspicious of Jude and does some digging – but when he and Cindy confront Jude, she has all the right answers.

Also, when Maxine returns from holiday to a letter from the hospital about her scan, she then bumps into Warren in the village and suggests having a termination. Later, Warren has a change of heart and asks Maxine to move in for the sake of the baby.