Despite Toadie telling Steph not to react to Sam’s manipulation, she loses her rag when she hears Sam winding Libby up over not being able to give Dan a baby when they were together. Later, Sam apologises to Steph for making things personal and promises to keep it professional from now on.

However, it’s clear when she gives Steph information on how to cope with being in prison, she is still out to rattle Steph as much as possible. Toadie retaliates with the threat of legal action and Sam looks like she’s been put back in her box. However, she finds an unlikely and powerful ally in Paul Robinson. Having spent the day with Donna and seeing how upset she is, Paul tells Sam he wants Steph locked up and whatever she needs to do that, he will provide.

With the threat of her secret crush on Zeke being revealed by Natasha, Sophie has no choice but to vote for Andrew to be in charge of the entertainment for the Social.

When Summer attends a School Social meeting she can tell something isn’t right and asks Sophie what’s going on. Later, Natasha is horrified when Summer tells her she is the Production Manager of Robinson Entertainment and is now in charge!

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