Michelle and Steve McDonald attend their first scan – and Steve breaks the news that he had a call from Jim to tell him he’s got Myotonic Dystrophy – it’s genetic and both he and their baby are at risk. Michelle’s devastated but, as we know, Michelle isn’t the only woman pregnant with Steve’s child…

When Sarah admits there is someone she’s got her eye on, Bethany lets slip to Gary, who’s secretly thrilled. However Sarah’s earlier chirpy mood darkens when a shocking discovery leaves her seeing red.

Gail insists David should return to work for a bit of normality. Still consumed with revenge, David heads out of the hair salon, leaving a client mid-appointment. What’s he planning?

Phelan suggests Eileen should return to her job at Streetcars – but Tim has other ideas. Faye offers to babysit for Jake at Izzy’s flat.