Mrs Tembe has arranged for a student Wafa, who wears traditional Muslim clothes with only her eyes showing, to spend the day at The Mill. Later, an friend of Karen turns up for an appointment and makes it clear she has an issue with Wafa. Janet calls the police and, when Rob turns up, we discover Wafa is already known to him…

Mrs Tembe has brought in a huge sugar-free cake to encourage everyone to embrace her sugar ban. She slices the cake and offers some to Emma but, as soon as she is out of sight, Emma winces and spits it out. Will Mrs Tembe work out her cake is a disaster?

Also, Ayesha is still annoyed with Emma for committing her to a date with Seb tomorrow. She reckons Seb just wants another notch on his bedpost but Emma tells her she’s being ridiculous. Will Ayesha agree to the date?