Tanya is insistent on seeing Ava, despite Patrick’s concerns that she shouldn’t go against Cora’s wishes. When Tanya won’t back down he reluctantly agrees to go with her to the school where Ava works. Pretending to be making enquiries for Oscar, Tanya warms to Ava, but can’t bring herself to reveal who she is.

On their way home, Patrick and Tanya consider Cora’s possible reasons for giving up Ava. Patrick points out that back when Ava was born it would have been very difficult for Cora to keep an illegitimate mixed race baby. Tanya sadly agrees that the past should be left in the past. But meanwhile, Ava finds Tanya’s purse, left behind at the school…

Joey and Lauren struggle with their emotions, having slept together. Lauren is feeling ashamed, hurting Joey by telling him he should leave Walford. Lauren realises that she can’t live without Joey and takes back her words. The pair have a near miss when Derek almost sees them kissing.

Also, a smitten Poppy comforts Fatboy when he’s rejected by local shop girl Sylvia after taking her on a date; Derek schemes to stop Alice’s defence classes with Ray, thinking it’s unladylike.