Terese is distracted as she prepares herself for the first round of chemotherapy. Unaware that she has cancer, Gary suggests they spend a romantic weekend together. She turns down the offer and claims she is working. Intent on surprising her Gary turns up at the office and is surprised when her PA doesn’t know where Terese is. Turning to Toadie and Shane, Gary believes he’s finally figured out why Terese has been acting out of character. Does he know she has cancer?

Paige is kicking herself for not speaking up and telling Mark how she really feels. It also seems that Mark feels the same way. What will make these lovebirds lay their cards on the table and get together? Or has their moment passed?

Mishti advises Piper on how to shut down her trolls. Piper takes Mishti’s advice and gets the administrators of her channel to turn off the comments. However, Piper’s actions have serious consequences.