Hamish continues his plan to win over Tyler and Aaron. Hamish starts by subtly questioning Tyler’s ability to mange the garage’s finances. Then Hamish encourages the brothers to sell the boat and cash in their inheritance. David feels like Hamish is pushy, but Aaron encourages Tyler to trust his dad. What is Hamish up to? And will anyone realise he’s playing a dangerous game?

Elsewhere, it’s the night of the school formal and Xanthe is touched when Piper tells her she has as much right as her to celebrate. Piper convinces Xathne to attend Yashvi’s pre-formal party. When Xanthe arrives she’s shocked to hear from Freya that Yashvi has been telling people she and Ben are ‘friends with benefits’! She confronts Yashvi immediately, who comes clean. How will Xanthe react?

Also, Steph notices the chemistry between Mark and Paige, when she and Jack join them in thinking of ideas for the Liveability project. Mark suggests they plant a wishing tree and it strikes a chord with Paige. Steph confronts Paige about her feelings for Mark and tells her to not let the situation get out of hand – but is it too late?