Belinda is in a fix when she’s given one final warning before the bailiffs turn up. After asking Masood for help, they arrange to have a drink in The Vic.

When Masood realises that Belinda is after money to bail her out, he is left torn, admitting that he has feelings for her. Giving Belinda the choice, Masood tells her that she can either take a loan for Elysium and keep things strictly business, or miss out on a loan and make a go of things with him. What will she choose?

Denise is stunned when Libby turns up in the Square after a concerned call from Kim. Confronted by her daughter, Denise is forced to admit that she is pregnant. Libby struggles to get her head round the bombshell.

Also, it’s Louise’s birthday and Shakil and Bex take her for a treat,but she breaks down over how sick her dad is. Meanwhile, Donna tells Vincent the landlord is putting up her rent so she’ll have to move out.