Hope thinks it’s time to leave Summer Bay, but Raffy changes her mind, as they’ve found a family with the Morgans.

Tori and her team do their best to resuscitate Decker. Justin quickly takes Raffy home, while Brody, Mason and Hope wait for more news. After a long wait, Tori explains that Decker went into respiratory arrest. The next morning, Tori tells them he may never recover.

The Morgans know Decker could die soon and realise they have no one looking out for them. Tori tells her brothers to be patient and, when she returns to the hospital, Decker’s hands move and the machines bleep – he’s waking up.

Matt pretends that he and Evelyn are dating to teach Ellie a lesson. Later, Roo tells Matt to start treating Ellie with respect. After setting things right with Ellie, Matt visits Evelyn to tell her their ‘showmance’ is over. Evelyn is relived, but it’s clear Matt may have feelings for her…