Nate and Tori are constantly arguing and its wearing Nate down. Nate tells John that he thinks breaking up with her is the right thing to do, so John encourages him to make the harsh decision. Nate arrives at the Morgans’ and asks Tori to talk. Tori has a feeling it’s bad news and takes a gulp of water from the water jug Zannis poisoned. Before Nate can even finish his sentence, Tori collapses. Will she be all right?

Meanwhile, Brody returns to Salt and Zannis pays him a visit and makes a threatening comment about his family. As Zannis leaves, Brody gets a phone call explaining that Tori has been rushed to hospital. Seeing Tori in pain, Brody knows he has to succumb to Zannis’s demands and makes a phone call..

At the police station Kat is throwing everything into the drugs case involving Zannis. She is determined to catch him and earn her promotion. She goes through Zannis’s old phone and realises that Brody is connected to the drug dealer. Will Brody be arrested?

Finally, Ash is livid that Kat keeps putting her career before Luc. Will Kat relent and make more time for Ash and Luc?