Nick and Leanne continue to live dangerously. They manage to grab some alone time at No 8, but hadn’t bargained on Gail returning.

John is determined to put a stop to Charlotte’s sick games and confronts her about being the letter-writing stalker. Charlotte has no choice, but to admit that she is the stalker, but then surprises him with an indecent proposal.

Michelle is increasingly suspicious when she sees Peter and Carla together. Especially after seeing the messages from her on Peter’s phone. She tackles Peter, who denies having an affair, just like he did when Ciaran asked the same question. But he is finding it hard to keep Carla’s secret.

Also, the Windasses struggle with Gary’s ever-changing emotions as he prepares to visit Quinny’s parents.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Charlotte appears to have everything worked out for John to live a double life with her. She wants John to spend his weekdays with Fiz, but all his weekends with her. John is horrified at the suggestion, but Charlotte makes it clear that she won’t take no for an answer. John is left to weave a new web of lies to Fiz.

Leanne is upset when she realises she missed Peter’s school concert because she was in bed with Nick. It’s the wake-up call she needs and she tells Nick in no uncertain terms that she can’t continues their affair.

Molly leaves baby Jack with Tyrone while she heads for a night out with Sally and Rosie at The Joinery. But she’s surprised when she returns home and Kevin is with them both. Kevin and baby Jack were bonding while she was out getting drunk. A guilty Kevin gives Tyrone 200 pounds for Jack’s Christmas present.

Also, Gary can’t face going to see Quinny’s parents so spends the day with Izzy instead.

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