Hunter tells Zac that he didn’t want to admit the truth about the DNA test results, because he wanted to pretend they weren’t true. He consoles Hunter as he comes to terms with the fact that Hunter is not his biological son.

Leah is first to arrive for the meeting with the divorce lawyers and Zac. However, she becomes increasingly frustrated as time passes and he doesn’t show up. Meanwhile, Zac has lost track of time in talking to Evelyn about Hunter’s paternity test. As the pair continue to discuss Zac’s future, Evelyn asks him to leave Summer Bay and join her and Matt in Vietnam. Will Zac accept her offer?

Tori welcomes Nate home from the city. The lovebirds are happy to be reunited, but things turn frosty when Nate says he’s turned down a job in Sydney. Tori believes they should have discussed it first, but Nate says there is nothing to discuss, as he wants to stay close to her. Next, things become even tenser when Nate refuses to open up about Zac’s problems and rushes off to comfort him. Will Nate’s desire to be a friend to Zac complicate his relationship with Tori?