Zainab is smug when she gets an interview for the regional manager’s job. Her nose is put out of joint when Denise gets an interview, too. Zainab is sniffy to learn that Ian is coaching Denise on her interview technique, although she later asks Masood to help her. Masood holds a ‘group interview’ with Ayesha standing in for Denise. Masood doesn’t know what to say when Zainab wants him to choose who impressed the most!

Lola is miserable to learn that Phil is booking a family holiday for himself, Lexi and Peggy and they’re going to Cornwall for two weeks. A worried Lola tells Billy and they talk to Trish about whether Phil can do this. Trish points out that if they contest it, Lexi will be taken into temporary care while Phil is away. A determined Lola wants to see a solicitor.

Max wakes up on Jack’s sofa. Jack wonders what Max has done to lose two wives in one night! Tanya, meanwhile, wakes up apparently full of optimism. At work, Tanya brushes aside the sympathetic comments and opens a bottle of champagne to toast her new life. Later, Max bumps into a drunk Tanya. She tells him to leave her alone. As Max walks off, Tanya breaks down in Cora’s arms.