Zannis wants Brody to accept a drug delivery at Salt. Brody refuses and even when Zannis piles on the pressure, Brody tells him to back off or he will call the police. Furious that Brody won’t succumb to his demands, Zannis breaks into the Morgans and pours poison into a water jug.

Tori invites Scarlett to a Morgan family lunch to say thank you for helping Brody through his drug addiction. However, Justin makes her feel uncomfortable and pesters her with questions about her past. Will Scarlett stay for the entire meal?

Alf tells Leah that Zac is leaving for Vietnam. Alf also tells her about the paternity results leaving Leah shocked and guilty for how she spoke to Zac after the divorce meeting. All packed and ready to go, Zac prepares to leave the Bay, but before he leaves, he says an emotional goodbye to Leah. The pair hug and Zac reassures her that leaving Summer Bay is the right thing to do.

After his emotional farewell with Leah, Hunter drives Zac to the airport. The pair say goodbye and vow to keep in touch. Olivia comforts Hunter as he lets Zac go. Will Zac’s departure send Hunter into a downward spiral?