Holby City star Rosie Marcel has told how her new man has brought joy back to her life as she recovers from a campaign of terror by a death-threat stalker.

The 35-year-old actress, who plays ice-queen surgeon Jac Naylor, says she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and thought about taking her own life.

But in an interview with Hello! magazine, she told how gym owner Ben Stacey helped her to get her life back on track.

She said: “He is responsible for putting happiness back in my life when I was going through a terrible, terrible time. Ben also helped me feel better about myself when I had lost all my self-confidence.”

During her ordeal – for which a woman was jailed for two-and-half years on harassment charges – she was subjected to threatening emails and fake accounts were set up in her name on social media sites.

Rosie – who is pictured with her partner in the magazine – has been angered by the fact she was powerless to get any of the accounts closed down.

She said: “I was in fear of my life. I felt lost, like I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t recognise myself. I was on the edge of a nervous breakdown. It got to a point where one day I thought, ‘I’ll just walk out into the road.'”

Rosie, who believes that stalking should be taken more seriously in this country, went on: “We should also take trolling seriously. Such bullying is destroying people’s lives.”

She was accused of having affairs and having aborted her husband’s baby, as well as receiving chilling messages saying it would take dental records to identify her.

“The vile, disgusting messages from the stalker played havoc with our lives. I was guilt-ridden. I felt like I was putting everyone in my family under stress. It got so bad I blamed myself for it,” said Rosie.