Gary Lucy has been away from the show since 2002 and Sarah hasn't been seen on the show since 2011. Will the residents be ready for their return?

Sarah Jayne Dunn and Gary Lucy are set to reprise their classic Hollyoaks characters Mandy and Luke.

Today it was announced that they would be returning to Hollyoaks some time after their last appearances.

Sarah Jayne Dunn, who plays Mandy, was last seen in Hollyoaks back in 2011. She made a brief appearance on Hollyoaks Later in 2013, but she’s now set to get back to business for good. She first joined Hollyoaks in 1996 and has been given some tough storylines. From dealing with the childhood sex abuse of her father, the loss of her on-screen brother Lewis (Ben Hull) and losing the daughter she shared with Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard), will her new storyline be as dark?

Speaking about her return, Sarah said: “It’s so nice being back. Who knows if Mandy is after Tony, there will be some interaction with him. I’m so thrilled with what’s going to be going on with the character and I can’t wait for people to see it.”

She added: “The best thing about being back is seeing loads of familiar faces, cast and crew and it’s just a really nice place to work. I started filming a couple of weeks ago so I’ve bedded back in.”

Gary Lucy has been away since 2002, when his character Luke Morgan left for Canada to be a football coach, but he’s equally excited to be back. He said: “I love being back, there are a lot of cast and crew that are still here that I remember and I’ve got a lot of fun memories from my time at Hollyoaks. It feels like being home. I’ve filmed my first few scenes and I’m really excited about the storylines. It’s been fun being back on set with Ashley Taylor Dawson and bringing Luke and Darren back together.”

He also hinted: “I’m sure Luke and Mandy’s paths will cross.”

Who knows what this means, but the pair will be back on screen from July.

In other exciting Hollyoaks news, Kieron Richardson has been talking about life as a dad.

He announced the birth of his twins two weeks ago, but has clearly already taken to it like a pro. During the Hollyoaks Social which is aired live from the Hollyoaks set, Kieron showed off in the Nappy Challenge, Baby Food Test and matched the correct cast member to the baby photo.



Speaking about the new additions to his family, he said: “We had the books, went on the internet and searched every single name possible and we went to a chicken restaurant the other week and [their names] were decided in a chicken restaurant.”

He revealed: “Chase and Phoebe are quite good sleepers so it’s not been too bad. Chase has weed nearly in my mouth!”

The joys of parenthood!

Kieron will be extra busy with the arrival of the twins while he also continues work on his upcoming documentary for All4.