Hollyoaks‘ Emmet J Scanlan reveals to Soaplife how Brendan plans to treat Joel as his puppet – and how he’ll savagely cut the strings if he has to!

Joel is getting very involved with Brendan. What’s in it for Brendan?

“Joel looks up to Brendan, like a lot of people do. He wants to impress him, work alongside him and be like him. Brendan wants Joel as his apprentice. It’s a kind of warped father-son relationship. Joel is somebody that Brendan can test and manipulate for his own reasons.”

Is he proud or angry, then, when he finds out Joel mugged Doug?

“When Brendan finds out about the mugging, he smiles. He can see a little bit of himself as a lad in Joel.”

And he gives Joel a job…

“He does. He asks Joel to collect some money that is owed to him by a man called Dave.”

That sounds a bit dodgy.

“Well, it is, and Brendan has done it as a test to see if Joel can handle it. Unfortunately, he can’t and Joel is beaten up by the man’s heavies. Joel doesn’t tell Brendan, but Brendan realises when he sees that Joel is in pain.”

Does Brendan feel bad for getting Joel beaten up?

“No. He’s more worried about what Joel has done. Like did he talk and sell Brendan out?”

What if talking was the only way of saving himself?

“In Brendan’s book, you never grass or rat. No matter what.”

What will Brendan do to Joel now?

“He might punish Joel now, or keep back the information that he knows and use it. It’s game after game with Brendan. He’s bored if he hasn’t got somebody to play cat and mouse with.”

Would Brendan ever harm Joel?

“Of course he would! Nobody is safe from Brendan. Not even his loved ones.”